A company that impresses the world
with thin film processing technology

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  • Development ability

    • The ability to quickly understand market demand and create new products to meet it
    • The ability to create flexible proposals, honed by developing business across a wide range of fields
    • The technological capability to resolve new problems
  • Responsiveness

    • Problem-solving ability supported by experience developing business across a wide range of fields
    • The ability to use accumulated technical expertise to meet each customer's applications and requests
    • The ability to swiftly and flexibly meet cost, schedule, and quality requirements
  • Production technology

    • Experienced operators and techniques for experienced operators and abundant data
    • Film-making technology with endless possible combinations of inorganic and organic membrane
    • Wide-variety production facilities and the production technology to shift to mass production quickly


If your company want to put a new product on the market, but wants to outsource only the vapor deposition processing, or wants to request thin film processing that cannot be done at your company.
We accept orders for contract processing, even for only those items that need to be processed, matching customers' quality requirements. We can proceed according to fixed specifications, or propose raw materials and processes after hearing your company's objectives and use case. Please consult us.